Santorini, Greece

Scarlett & Samuel

Marriage Proposal Photographer and Videographer in Santorini

I just want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU! You guys have created for us an incredible Marriage proposal video that has exceeded my expectations and everything that I wanted. (I can’t stop watching it haha)

The professionalism and capturing of the special moments of Alex’s and I’s wedding day was done so beautifully and elegantly.

Are you looking for marriage proposal photographer in Santorini? We’re photographer in Santorini for 10 years. On the biggest day of your life we capture every magical moment. But many people often forget that the proposal itself , marriage proposal sometimes just as special as the wedding day. But wedding proposals professionally captured on video is something that we don’t see too much of, which is why we offer special wedding proposal photography and videography packages.

Santorini proposal videography at Saint Irini Chapel film and editor maker Alexandros Sirigos

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